TRACKS - Behind Our Music
I Think Not
She Holds Me
What Is Not
10 Seconds
Outta Here
Maybe Just
Who Is Me
Prelude To
Strung Out On You


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Track 12 - "Maybe Just":

The “Maybe Just” session is a bit hazy. We had been working for hours and hours.
Billy laid some amazing acoustic & bass tracks; Chris had finished all of the vocal tracks, Dave’s drum tracks were tight and now all that was left to be recorded was percussion.

Knappy and Dave were the only ones left in the studio and it was almost 2 a.m. Wanting to complete the song they turned to an old friend…

Magnum 3-5-7

It had become the supplement of choice for the return trips from Vermont. It enabled us to heighten our concentration and in this case, complete a recording session. Knappy grabbed the tambourine and Dave commandeered the camera. All that we can recall is somehow the track was completed and we have 3,612 pictures to prove it.

Engine #9 History Lesson #3612:
Contrary to popular belief, Dave does not say, “I buried Jude” at the end of “Maybe Just”.

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